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24th-Apr-2011 08:41 pm - A Birthday Card for Auggie

We just celebrated all the April Birthdays in my family. One of the birthdays was my cousin's newborn son! I wasn't sure what the kid would like, so I tried to cover all the bases. I made this card with thick paper and acrylic paint.
7th-Feb-2011 10:45 pm - Two More Blogs

So I've been uploading all of my blind contour drawings to a different blog:


And I just started up a crazy D&D project called Campaign per Day:


We'll see how long that goes for!
Here are two more of Al!

Another of Cy Tolliver:

Here's one of the editor of the town's newspaper, Mr. Merrick:

And this one came out quite different than my source. I was drawing Charles Utter, and this one looks nothing like him, but honestly I like the final product quite a bit:

I think that's all of Deadwood I'm going to do. This weekend I might do some Star Trek portraits!
11th-Nov-2010 02:48 pm - More Deadwood Blind Contour!
Even more Deadwood Blind Contour drawings!

Here's the much-beloved, also-terrible-but-more-likeable-than-Cy-Tolliver Al Swearengen.

And here's three more Farnums!

10th-Nov-2010 07:44 pm - Deadwood Blind Contour!
Howdy! Today I felt like doing a project that has been on my mind. I'm a big fan of blind contour drawings (where you don't look at your paper while you draw), especially when it comes to portraits. I've also been enjoying Deadwood! So I decided to do some blind contour portraits of Deadwood characters. I drew them with a sharpie, then watercolored. So again, I was not looking at the page when I drew the pictures... though I don't have the same excuse for the watercolors!

The first is Cy Tolliver, owner of the Bella Union saloon and all around not-a-very-nice-guy, played by Powers Boothe:

Here's Seth Bullock, the adopted Sheriff of Deadwood, played by Timothy Olyphant:

And his wife (widow of his brother), Mrs. Bullock:

My favorite character, the weaselly, wet-palmed, kermit-voiced, ever so Shakesperean E B Farnum:

And here's Seth Bullock and Wild Bill Hickok getting ready for a shoot-out:

I've got a few more I'd like to color in, and more characters I'd like to draw (I did not get a satisfactory Al), but this was a fun little project for the day.
9th-Sep-2010 09:40 am - Octobank!
Here is the first of the completed Piggy Banks from my Big Summer Project!

This Octobank lives at the bottom of the ocean and loves to collect ancient coins.

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See more sculpts and such at my website, BreakstoneCreations
6th-Sep-2010 08:07 pm - Prism Inmates
Here are some sculptures that I made out of high-fire ceramic and my friend Cailin painted with amazing finesse and vision!

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And, of course, there's always more to see at my website, BreakstoneCreations!
31st-Aug-2010 04:22 pm - Hand Mask

Here's a mask I made from ceramic and painted with acrylic!

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9th-Aug-2010 09:22 am - Old Hand
Hi! I uploaded to Breakstone Creations a larger sculpture of mine, an Old Hand:

PS: Oh yeah, I also tested for my black belt over the weekend. After 14 years of martial arts, I am officially a black belt!

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2nd-Aug-2010 09:46 am - Pig Mask and Water Buffalo

Here is a giant ugly pig mask I made out of clay:

It is made from high-fire ceramic. I built up a big cone of thick coils. Originally I was going to make a sad minotaur. It did not turn out. I do not have many pictures of this mask because it is heavy and ugly.

I have also painted a postcard of a Water Buffalo:

It is on a 4" x 6" piece of watercolor paper. It is painted with acrylic. It lives in wet regions of Africa.

See all this and more at Breakstone Creations!
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